Book Lists

I devour printed pages. 

Yup, the next time you can’t find your homework, you can tell the teacher I ate it.  I am that kind of woman.

As any librivore will tell you, it’s a healthy, cheap way to eat (my grocery bill fluctuates weekly from cheap to free depending on the current status of my library fines).  There’s just one problem: finding enough tasty, healthy, scrumptuous material to keep my appetite in check. 

I’ve pretty much had this problem since day one, as I ate my way through Dr. Seuss in the first hour or so after birth.  I blew through good book lists like Tim blows through red hexagonal traffic signs.  A few years into the whole reading thing, even my parents couldn’t keep up with me anymore.

It’s a tough place to be (as a kid and as a parent), and one you may someday find yourself in to a greater or lesser degree.  Let’s face it: there’s a lot of junk food out there, people.

I’d like to try to help.  I started these lists for my own benefit, knowing that if Tim and I reproduce, our children aren’t just going to be librivores…they’re going to be raging, desperate libro-lunatics.  While I’ve already given up hope of keeping up with their literary endeavors, I am still determined to start them off on the right foot by teaching them what good quality literature is, where to find it, and most importantly, how to love it.  I know I’m not alone in this endeavor, which is why I thought I’d share what I’m finding.  Remember, these are lists that Tim and I expect to use for ourselves and our family.  Your idea of good reading may be different than ours; still we hope you find this helpful!


Early Readers

Intermediate Readers

Advanced Readers

Adult Readers

Read Alouds

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