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1/4 Year

I apologize for being a day late with this post–just as I was hitting publish late last night, the computer ate 3/4ths of what I had just written. 

Today Nathan is 3 months old!  This first 1/4 year of his life has flown by, that’s for sure!  What a blessing from God he is to us and our families.  We continue to be awed by the goodness and grace of God that we experience through our son.

In the past month, Nathan’s smiles have erupted!  At two months, he was stocking rare smiles that we had to bend over backwards to earn.  Now, he spends the first twenty or thirty minutes after every good sleep smiling his life away.  Tim and I soak it up.  What a cutie-pants!  We’ve also seen a dramatic increase in vocabulary–Nathan is up to all five vowel sounds and has started working on consonants.  SO fun to experience his increasing interactiveness!

The flip side of smiles and sounds is scowls, and Nathan can do that pretty well, too.  He’s never been a fussy baby, but he’s learned a thing or two about the art of crying in the last month, especially around meal times and in the evenings.  His cry of real distress is heartbreaking, but his grump and groan cry is hilarious–it starts with a massive protrusion of the lower lip, a pinching of the mouth, and a resounding, calf-like “BWAAAAH”.  Cutest thing EVER, and so hard to take seriously!

Other things Nathan can do with his mouth include chewing, gnawing, slobbering, spit-bubbling, and sucking on pacis, knuckles, burp clothes, shirts, and sundry other opportune items.  The boy will be teething before we know it.

Our little Nathan is not so little anymore–he weighed in on the kitchen scale at 13 lbs even–up from 11lbs, 9oz at just past 2 months.  He eats 4-6ozs of Enfamil formula every 3-4 hours, with a 5-6 hour stretch at night.  It takes him about an hour to feed, and he often intersperses it with bursts of temper.  We haven’t been able to figure out what’s bothering him yet.  We tried to upgrade to the next size bottle nipple, but he’s not ready.  We’ll try again next week–maybe we can cut his eating time in half here soon!  He’s just about to burst out of 0-3 month clothes–I think I’ll give him another week or two and then switch over to 3-6 month stuff.  He wears size 2 diapers and goes through about 7 a day.  He perfected the art of the blow-out this month, with a record reaching leak all the way up to his neck.  He also set a record of outfits worn in one day recently–6.

Our Nathan is a little mover.  His kicks, waves, squirms, and attempts to roll keep himself and us entertained by the hour.  He continues to be very strong in all departments, and is working on conquering his next hurdle: crawling.  As soon as he discovers his knees, he’ll be off and going.  Our house is definitely not ready for that yet!

Highlights from this month include visits from both grandparents, lots of snuggle time with Pop and Great Aunt Chris (who has begun nannying for us a few days a week and helping with household chores), and wide-eyed walks through the neighborhood with Dad and Mom.  Nathan soaks up all he sees like a sponge and is ALWAYS wide-eyed and ready for more new things.

Nathan’s hairline continues to recede, and we have yet to see what will grow back in its place.  His eyes have stayed a beautiful deep blue, and his face is filling out as he grows.  We love to see all his different expressions!  He has a very expressive mouth.

As Nathan loves to tell us, it’s hard work being a baby!