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Big News

It is high time for an update, and by high time, I mean it.

Lots changing around here, yo.

And fast.

So without further ado, here’s the scoop:

Yup, Tim and I are expecting….an adoption!  The beautiful young woman you see above–who as recently as last month was a friend of a friend but is now our friend–intends to place her child with us a few days after he’s born (due April 7, but could come any time now!).  We’re mere days from finishing up the approval process with our agency, Bethany Christian Services (a ‘normal’ homestudy takes 6-8 weeks; our wonderful social worker is pulling ours off in half that time).  We plan to fly to Colorado very soon to await the baby’s birth.  What a whirlwind this process has been!  We are EXTREMELY excited, a little stressed, and above all trusting God for the future.  We’ve seen Him do some pretty marvelous things in the past month!  As with all adoptions, nothing is final until it is, which in our case will probably be about four weeks after the baby’s born.  In the meantime, we would appreciate your prayers for God to continue to work His will in this situation!