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Additional Info About Said New Addition

Willow had an identity crisis over the weekend (i.e. my vet-tech sis came to visit) and has been re-christened Willard (“Willer” for short).


The New Addition

This post is to prove that we are NOT all talk and no bite. 

Because let’s face it, folks.  We do talk about a lot of things that we never actually do.

Like getting a cat.

We’ve been talking about this one for years…yup, ever since we moved from our first little apartment to our first real house almost exactly two years ago (next month).  Buuuuut for one reason (traveling a lot) or another (traveling a lotter), that cat just never materialized.

…until September 9, 2011.

Folks, meet Willow.

Oh, wait.  Wrong one.  Let’s try this again:

Folks, meet my Willow:

She’s cute and curious.  Her mom is a feral kitty living in our pastor’s neighborhood, and out of a litter of 6ish, Willow was the only one to show any interest in being tamed (and boy, is she tame). 

We had a really hard time naming her (at least, we think it’s a ‘her’).  She came with the name Clark (the explorer, i.e. Lewis and Clark), which we liked, but not for a girl.  We tried and tossed Sacagawea, Engine, Layne, and I can’t remember what else.  Then we hit on the name Willow–like a Pussy Willow (soft, grey, punny). 

(For those of you who’ve never seen a Pussy Willow here’s an example ((from Pinterest))…)

Willow is about 10 weeks old as of this writing.  She lives in our garage almost full time, with brief stints into the house to play with her favorite thing of all time: a ball of yarn.  She is an implacable purrer and she litter box trained herself without any help from her friends (us).  Go, Willow!  When we have kids, can you teach them that trick?!

She is very frisky, especially when dealing with anything that moves (with the exception of spiders ((awww, she takes after me!))).  Oh, and she thinks she is super, super sneaky, too.  I humor her as much as I can, since she returns the favor by keeping Pop and me company while Tim business-trips.

I love that she can spend hours playing with almost anything: balled up newspaper, pens, yarn, bicycle spokes, paper bag handles, and people.  Her favorite place to spend extended periods of time is a big pile of porch swing cushions.  Her second favorite perch is the garage windowsill.

So that’s how we came to cross CAT off of our bucket list.  Next in line: CHICKEN, followed by DOG, MILK GOAT, and ELEPHANT (still talking Tim into that one).


Guest Room #2 Redo

La Casa de Carr is 4BR/2.5BA.  Bedroom #1 belongs to me, and Tim if he’s nice.  Bedroom #2 is Pop’s.  And until very recently, the third room was for guests and the fourth room was for junk (and guests, if they weren’t nice).  I’d long since painted Bedrooms #1 and #2–but #3 and #4 were way down on my priority list.  Until very recently–when I realized we’d be hosting 3 couples and a baby (niece? nephew? niece?  nephew?) for Christmas.  Oooooh, yikes.

All that to say, I got my game on and tackled the junk room (i.e. #4, i.e. guest room #2). 

The obvious first step was to transfer all the junk from the junk room to the guest room (sort?  organize?  THROW AWAY?!?!?!  you’ve got to be kidding).

Second on the list: texturing the ceiling (to hide the cracks/bumps).  I used a rectangular kitchen sponge which I dipped into a bucket of drywall joint compound and then twisted onto the ceiling with a deft flick of the wrist (while standing on an upside down five-gallon bucket, of course ((which incidentally, is exactly where I was standing and what I was doing when we had our recent earthquake))).

Third (after spackling nail holes and sanding the walls smooth): a coat of paint on the ceiling followed closely by one on the walls–so that they would finally be the same color (I chose gray)!

Fourth came the furnishings.  We already had a bedroom set that originally belonged to my great grandparents, but no mattress.  On Labor Day weekend (hello, sales!), I dragged Tim mattress shopping.  Three stores later, we settled on a great mattress for a great price (you know, I could love being a paid mattress shopper.  All you have to do is sleep).  Whala!  We were in business just in time for our next round of company (phew!).

The rest of the pics:

This rocker is from my parents.  Eventually, I’d love to re-upholster it…but that’s definitely another project for another day. 

We picked up both these prints of Colonial Williamsburg at a garage sale last weekend, and they seemed appropriate for our new digs.  Maybe instead of referring to her as “Guest Room #2”, we’ll have to rechristen her “The Virginia”.

This copper pot with Delft handles is a dutch antique from my dutch and antique experts: Uncle Burton and Aunt Jessie.  I hope it’s okay that I turned it into a trash can. 

Here’s the vanity part of Great Grandma Toeset’s furniture.

Oooh, guests, look!  You’ll even get your own closet!

The moral of the story:

come visit!

Oh, yes, one last thing: the before/after shots.



What I’ve been doing since I dropped off the planet:

  1. Nannying: for two or three families 3-4 days a week for most of the summer.  All done now that it’s (almost) fall!
  2. Traveling: we did a lot of quick summer weekend trips (8) to visit various family members and friends while we had the time (before Tim starts his crazy fall hours) and inclination.
  3. Canning and freezing: blueberries, strawberries, peaches, green beans, asparagus, applesauce, blackberries and tomatoes.  Yum.  All three freezers ar juuuuuuust about full.
  4. Cleaning and cooking: when am I not?!
  5. Sulking: which above all else is why I haven’t been blogging, because who really wants to read sulks, anyway?
  6. Redecorating: Guestroom #2 has been remade, and I love it.  Now onto Guestroom #1, which is currently in progress (I was supposed to finish it this week, but I made applesauce and read Pirate Hunters instead).
  7. Exercising: I started on the Couch to 5K program in July, but then ditched it to run with Tim 3 mornings a week instead (he’s not big on the whole run-walk-run-walk thing).  We’ve kept it up fairly consistently since then.  He’s been gone the last two weeks, so I’ve been riding Pop’s indoor bicycle instead (I don’t like running by myself, what can I say).  My goal is to boost my mood, feel fit, and lose 5 pounds, in that order.  So far, I’m not sure it’s working.  Buuuuuuuuuut there’s always next week! 
  8. Scheming: see point 4 above.
  9. Spoiling my kitten: um, yah, for Tim’s birthday he got me a cat.  Love how that worked.
  10. Teaching: I’m back into the school year by two weeks, and it’s going stunningly.  Way better than last year (even though last year wasn’t bad) because I know what I’m doing.  So fun.

Tune back in for more details on almost all of the above!