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Three Ways To Save A Life in 5 minutes or less

Here are a few things you can do right now from where you sit in your comfortable computer chair that have the potential to make a life-saving difference:

1. Sign the petition to revoke the medical license of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who is currently practicing in Germantown, Maryland.  Dr. Carhart falsified information on his application to practice in Maryland (for which he is under investigation by the Maryland Board of Physicians); he is under criminal investigation in the state of Nebraska for activities related to his previous abortion clinic, including the death of one of his 19-year-0ld patients; and he is aborting healthy infants up to the 9th month of pregnancy (if you dare, look up “partial birth abortion” on wikipedia.  Most people would be enraged to have such a procedure done on a cat, let alone a human!).  Encourage the Maryland Board of Physicians to hold him accountable for his actions!  Carhart’s Maryland clinic is located near where Tim’s brother and his wife live, and as part of our visit with them last weekend we attended the opening rally for Summer of Mercy 2.0, a week-long campaign (prayer, fasting, and peaceful protesting) going on right now in Germantown for the right to life for these children.  If you live in the area, I encourage you to look up the schedule for the remaining events and attend as many as you can.  No matter where you live, sign the petition and pray that God will bring an end to such practices!

2. “Like” ShowHope on facebook.  If you have a facebook account, sign in and search for “Show Hope”, a non-profit organization founded by Steven Curtis (contemporary Christian musician) and Marybeth (author of Choosing to See) Chapman to help raise funds for Christian adoptions.  Here’s why it’s important to “like” them ASAP, in the words of their own website: We need 6000 more likes in the next 6 days! Help us reach our goal of 80,000 likes and Show Hope will receive a total of $70,000 in donations from three anonymous donors. Please share this page! .  So basically just by clicking a button, you’ll be donating $1 to support adoption!  How easy can it get?!  (Oh, and while you’re at it, share the page with your facebook friends.)

3. And of course, in all, pray that God would be working true life–salvation–in the hearts of all involved: abortionists, victims, orphans, families.  After all, of how much more value is life that doesn’t end with the grave!