Clinton and Theresa

Tim and I had the wonderful privilege of seeing two friends united in marriage this past Saturday. What a beautiful, joyous celebration it was!  We trace our relationship to Clinton and Theresa back to our college days–and hope to trace it forward for many years to come! 

Here’s the scoop on the day, courtesy of my camera:

Tim and I set out bright and early Friday morning, bound for Pennsylvania.  Some beautiful country, a few miles of road construction, and 8 hours later…we arrived at our destination.  Tim was about 20 minutes late for his groomsman rehearsal (sorry, Clinton!), but it worked out okay since we weren’t the only ones running a bit behind schedule. 

The rehearsal went off without a hitch, and soon we were on our way to the rehearsal dinner, a perfectly planned and executed affair at a local park.  A Taste of Ireland served up “pitt beef” (at the groom’s request; apparently a Maryland thing?  Whatever the origin, it was GOOD–beef barbecue roasted over a charcoal pit), and when we’d eaten until we popped, we adjourned to a sand court for a rousing game of boys vs. girls volleyball followed by a brief but instructive game of frizzball (is that as new to you as it was to me?  It involves four poles (like ski poles) set up two (spaced a frisbee width apart) on each end of the “field”.  Two man teams station themselves near their poles, and cups are placed to hang upside down on each pole.  The object of the game is to 1) throw the frisbee through the two poles without touching them (3 points) or 2) hit the pole with the frisbee and send the cup flying in a way that the opposite team can’t catch the cup (1 point).  If they do catch the cup, the opposite team gets a point.  (It’s confusing, but not as confusing as I’ve made it sound; promise).

The wedding commenced at 1:00pm on Saturday, July 16, 2011–Theresa’s parents’ 23rd (or 24th?) wedding anniversary.  Two-hundred and fifty attendees were expected, and I think almost all of them came.  Theresa and Clinton chose red as their primary wedding color, and the flowers also had blue and yellow accents.  Theresa wore her mother’s wedding dress, and she and her family made the bridesmaid dresses.

 Here is Tim with his fellow groomsmen singing “Be Thou My Vision” and trying not to faint. 

Here he is after the wedding, describing how he felt.  In the end, rather than topple head first into an unsuspecting fellow groomsmen, thus creating a domino affect, he chose to unobtrusively slip away from the wedding party for a brief interlude during the middle of the ceremony in order to find a quiet chair in back in which to sit and recover.  Too much on the feet all morning, too little food/water to carry him through. By the end of the ceremony, he was back to feeling as fine and dandy as he looked all day in that tux.  Whew.

 Here’s the happy couple lighting the unity candle.  And by happy, I do mean HAPPY.  Their smiles were radiant…all day long.  That’s one of my favorite parts about weddings–seeing dear friends as happy as they’ve ever been.

And so he kissed his bride!  Pastor Gerald Dodds officiated.  His choice of a sermon text for Clinton and Theresa was as fit a passage as I’ve ever heard preached at a wedding–the acquiring of a wife for Isaac (Genesis 24).  The passage has much to teach concerning marriage, which in itself was appropriate enough for the occasion.  But even deeper and more touching to those of us who have known Clinton for any length of time, verse 67. 


A reception immediately followed the wedding ceremony at the church, so we all convened in the fellowship hall for hoursdevoures and dinner.  Tim and I used this time to catch up with fellow guests we hadn’t seen in awhile, including the Beattys.

While other guests took some lessons from Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins on ballroom dancing, a few ornery souls were out in the parking lot, decorating the getaway car, discombobulating the engine, laying out an elaborate system of send-off fireworks, and other general mischief courtesy of Lloyd, brother of the groom. 

As the party wound to a close, the bridesmaids passed out birdseed while the groomsmen distributed fire crackers…

Here comes the couple!

They were still beaming.  It was beautiful.

Lloyd was looking pretty happy, too, when Clinton realized his car wouldn’t start.

Lloyd, being the auto whiz he is, had somehow pulled the fuel pump connection and wrapped it in a little box.  He gave it to Clinton and Theresa–a wedding gift they had to open BEFORE heading off on their honeymoon (the gift wrap was Clinton’s dad’s idea).

So Clinton had to open the package and re-connect the fuel line before he could ride off into the sunset with his lovely bride.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Scarborough!

  1. #1 by Anna C on July 20, 2011 - 2:00 pm

    I love this post! Clinton and Theresa look so happy.

  2. #2 by Susan H on July 20, 2011 - 2:41 pm

    so fun! and you got some great pictures!! Ian and I so wish we could have been there…

  3. #3 by Gretchen B on July 20, 2011 - 6:59 pm

    Aw, sweet Theresa!

    And what a handsome couple you two are!

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