Confessions of a Reforming Ingrate

I’m thankful…

…that God loves me despite my bad attitude.

…that Tim and I didn’t get married in April (we thought about it). 

…that Tim has a job.  (That’s about as far as I can go, but at least it’s something.)

…that he likes coming home in the evening way more than leaving in the morning.

…that Pop and I eat together.

…that the sun is shining.

…that I didn’t get lost on the way to church (there was a time not so very long ago when that wouldn’t have been possible).

…that Tim’s family has taken me in for my sake, not just for his–as exhibited by the fact that they welcomed me with open arms when I crashed their lunch.

…that it’s already 5:05pm.

…that I wrote up my lesson plan for tomorrow yesterday.

…that I have a plan for dinner (spaghetti), and it’s easy.

…that produce is coming back in season.

…that Tim doesn’t practice polygamy (sorry, I just read about people who do).

…that Christ saves sinners, even me.

…that there’s a pan of brownies in the kitchen.

…that I haven’t seen a tick in almost 8 months.

…that I don’t have the flu.

…that there’s always a reason to give thanks.

…that now it’s your turn.

  1. #1 by Laura on April 18, 2011 - 2:29 pm

    I’m thankful for an amazing sister named Cristy.

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