Different weeks bring different moods, this week no exception.  

The cooking mood whirled through the kitchen Monday and Tuesday, leaving in her wake a refrigerator stuffed tight with meatloaf, scalloped cabbage, tapioca pudding, chicken-asparagus alfredo, and pancakes.

The cleaning mood made a brief appearance yesterday evening, polishing off a bathroom, a bedroom, and a few kitchen cupboards.

The shopping mood devoured the middle out of today.  I returned home flushed and triumphant: $30 dollars poorer; two tension rods, a toilet paper stand, slippers, a chick-flick, lunch, and 15 fabulous items of Secondhand Chance apparel richer.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll put together a post with some pictures of my loot.

The blogging mood has been strangely absent.  Sorry.

In its place, the reading mood has filled in the corners of the days.  I’ve discovered Jamie Langston Turner and Deborah Smith, the first of which I’m enjoying for her theology (imagine, a contemporary Christian fiction writer with good theology!) and the second for her rugged reality.  In a few days, I imagine I’ll be writing a post in which I wholeheartedly recommend the first and recommend with reservations the second.  But I’m going to read a bit more of both first, just to make sure.  Stay tuned.

What kind of word is “mood” anyway? 

The exercise mood is up and running walking with delightful consistency two to three times a week thanks to an exercise buddy and some spring sunshine.

The bummed-when-Tim-works-overtime mood is fighting for a place of prominence these days, but so far all the other moods are ganging up against it…and winning.  No promises for tomorrow, though.  It’s a day at a time sort of war going on ’round here.

The gardening mood plans to finish out the week with a day (or two) pitching in at the greenhouse.

And that’s all.

  1. #1 by Laura on April 12, 2011 - 9:00 am

    You need to get a writing mood again. It’s really boring to check every day and have nothing new to read. Consider yourself reprimanded. 🙂

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