Child’s Play

Once upon a time, I worked in a greenhouse.  It was a very nice greenhouse, as greenhouses go.  Not only that, but it did what greenhouses do best, which is grow green things.

And once upon a time, in the very nice greenhouse that grew green things, there lived a little girl.  She was a very nice little greenhouse girl, as little greenhouse girls go.  Not only that, but she did what little greenhouse girls do best, which is to play pretend things.

Hello, little greenhouse girl!  What are you playing?

She is playing garden. 

That is a very good thing for a little greenhouse girl to play, especially when she is playing in a greenhouse.

Yes, it is a very good thing to play.  It is also very dirt-y.  Very, very dirt-y.  Good and dirt-y.

If there is one thing I know about little greenhouse girls, it is this: they like to get good and dirt-y.

Then one afternoon, she was joined by a little greenhouse boy!  He was a good little greenhouse boy, as greenhouse boys go, and he did what all greenhouse boys do best: play pretend things.

What would you like to play, little greenhouse boy? asks little greenhouse girl.

Garden! shouts little greenhouse boy, like all good little greenhouse boys should.

So that is what they did.

  1. #1 by joannamv on March 19, 2011 - 11:13 am

    Love it!

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