Daily Triumphs

  1. I started 2 Peter: I’ve been slowly working my way backwards through the New Testament, and have so far managed to complete Revelation, Jude, and the Johns.   Someday soon I hope to post some thoughts on each book.  But we’ll see.
  2. I learned a new skill: how to professionally water strawberry plants.  (I didn’t say it was a difficult skill, just a new one.)
  3. I was needed: by a greenhouse.  I spent most of today planting Impatiens.  It was glorious.
  4. I spoke Spanish: for the first time since college, and to a real live Hispanic (or 3) no less.  Perhaps I’ll work up my courage to talk even more tomorrow.
  5. I nursed my poor sick hubby back to health: he came home from work yesterday with a fever, some achy bones, and a big ol’ sleep deficit.  I lovingly ordered him off to bed, fed him orange juice, boiled eggs, and Tylenol, wrapped him in a big quilt, and tiptoed through the house for about the next twelve hours.  He woke up almost as good as new.
  6. I graded 3 weeks worth of science homework: how did I become such a procrastinator?!
  7. I got a free credit report, and it all looked good: I realized yesterday (with panic) that a W-2 form of mine is lost in the mail…full name, address, social security number, and everything.  If this ever happens to you, you can place a fraud alert on your credit account through any of the three major credit bureaus (I did mine online), who will then notify the telephone number you provide anytime someone tries to do anything to your account.  Then you can request a free credit report just to make sure something hasn’t already slipped under the wire.  I’m so thankful to have evaded the identity thieves so far!
  8. I didn’t get any bills in the mail: enough said.
  9. I’m spending the evening in fleece pajama pants: they’re red.  And bright.  And cheery. 
  10. Spring has sprung: today the thermometer topped 70.
  1. #1 by Gretchen on February 18, 2011 - 9:59 am

    2. Can I please be the official strawberry sampler?
    4. Why were you speaking Spanish? At the greenhouse? Did you teach them how to say “fan” in English?
    10. I have been singing Oklahoma’s “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” all day. I am a fan of Spring.

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