Let There Be Light

For Christmas, Uncle Ken and Aunt Susan gave Pop light.

Or at least, they gave him the money to buy some.

See, the attic room where we stashed our grandfather is perfect…except for one small thing–there are no light fixtures on one side of the room and no electrical outlets neither.  Which wouldn’t be a problem if you used that side of the room for oh, say, closet space.  But since Pop has a card table set up on that end of the room on which to sort photos and slides and such things–it’s a bit of an issue.

Yesterday, we all went to Lowes with Uncle Ken’s gift card in tow to find the light.

It was not an easy task.  Lowes has miles and miles of light fixtures (okay, well, two full aisles at least).  But Pop found what he wanted, Tim checked to make sure it was made to fit a 4×4 electrical box, and that was that!  Problem solved.  No big deal.

We get home, open the box, and realize the screw mount is too short to fit into the ceiling.


Tim runs back to Lowes to find a screw mount extender (yes, they do make such a thing!).

He returns, and proceeds to expertly install the new light fixture.  While he connects wires, I hold the light fixture up to the ceiling until my arms fall off, at which point Tim calls 911.  Pop holds the flashlight.

(Tim did not really call 911.  But I am 99.9% positive that my arms, indeed, fell off.)

After some manner of finangling, we secure the light to the ceiling.

We flip the switch.


Nothing happens.

We discover that the globes prevent the bulbs from fitting all the way into the sockets.

So we remove the globes, reposition the light bulbs, and whala!

We flip the switch.

The room floods with light!  Pop is thrilled.  He immediately sits down to sort through some photos and write in his journal.  He reports glowingly of the visual ease with which he accomplishes both tasks.  He specially requests that Friday dinner be served at our house so that the rest of the local family can come admire these little lights of his.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Thanks, New Mexico Markens!

  1. #1 by Susan on January 15, 2011 - 11:04 am

    Looks like you all had a fun time with the Xmas gift :). Ken saysto Tim,”that doesn’t look like an OSHA certified ladder.” and “only two trips to Lowes for one light fixture; you did very well!” We send our love to you all.

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