If You Frequent Lowes, Read This

I just spent all morning (and part of the afternoon) running errands.


BUT I got some great deals!

At Lowes:  if you buy a specially marked 20 pack Energizer AA batteries for $8.97, you get a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon that expires in March.  So if you have any plans to spend $50+ at Lowes in the next three months, pick up a pack (or several)–it pays for itself and more!!  Plus, I had a $1/off coupon for the batteries from a recent coupon insert (not sure which one), so that made an even better deal.  I assume this is available at any Lowes, because the coupon is included inside the pack of batteries (you’ll see the sticker on the face of the battery pack if it has a coupon).  I also saw AAA and D batteries for approximately the same deal.

At Martins: The grocery store was already packed–WHAT is it going to be like on Thursday?!  Thankfully, I think I got everything I needed, plus some extra good markdown deals.  On sale this week, they’ve got 5lb boxes of clementines for $3.99 and yams for $.49…AND turkey hill icecream for $2/carton.  I stocked up on all of the above, thank you very much. 

PLUS I found 85% lean ground beef marked down to $1.49/lb (from $3.69–it expires tomorrow, so I just need to cook and/or freeze it today) ((I bought 20 pounds to get us through the holidays; we’re expecting lots of family in and out for the next week or two! )) AND a 20 lb spiral sliced whole ham marked down to $.80/lb (the whole thing was originally $68; I got it for $14).  For any locals, this was all at the Glenside Martins.  I didn’t see any more $.80 hams, but there was quite a bit more $1.50/lb hamburger.

I finally got it all sorted out and stowed away (and my fridge cleaned and freezer organized in the process–I didn’t have much choice if I wanted to fit everything in!).  Still on my list for today:

  • laundry
  • clean bathrooms
  • attempt to clear enough space in the ‘junk room’ to fit a queen size air mattress
  • aaaand, if I have extra time, web design!  Tim helped me find a good (and free!) web design software and I’ve been working on learning how to use it…if I want an online thrift store, well then I jolly well need a web page, don’t I?!  🙂

Wish me luck!

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