Virginia Historical Society

The morning after the morning after Thanksgiving was cold.  Let me say it this way: there was frost (yup, Richmond 60 degree fall weather has spoiled me).  Pop, Tim, N and A (Tim’s siblings), me, and Biscuit (the dog-in-law) all agreed: it was not a good morning for a walk in the park.  But it was also not a good morning to hunker down in our recently-turned-upside-down house, either. 

What to do, what to do, whattodo.

We settled on a perfect solution: the Virginia Historical Society Museum.

  Not a one of us had ever been there.

We all like history.

They allow dogs.

((Just kidding.  But Biscuit was outvoted.))

It’s within a 15 minute by car radius of our humble abode.

It’s free.

((Totally not kidding.))

Now, in light of certain particulars mentioned above (read: it’s free), my expectations were set below sea level.  But I was deeply (haha, get it?) wrong.  The Virginia Historical Society has done an excellent job of preserving and documenting various aspects and time periods of local, state, and national history. 

My favorite room housed dozens of historical oddities (from hair wreaths to German children’s books).  

And then there were the Civil War murals on the walls.  Think 1912.  Think color and motion and shadow.  Think gorgeous!  Anna and I were floored (literally).

Another popular exhibit amongst our group showcased Virginia in all her glory (hmmm, wonder why that was a hit with the ((native-born)) brothers?). 

Pop had fun showing us how to operate a trolley car and recollecting his nickel-a-piece rides from the naval base to church when he was a young whipper snapper courting Tim’s grandmother. 

Plus, there’s a huge library of historical books and documents that we didn’t even get a chance to peek into! 

Oh, yes, we’ll definitely be back.  And if you’re ever in the area, we’ll probably haul you along with us.  After all, you can’t beat free!

Here’s the information, in case you locals want to check it out on your own!  Address: 428 North Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220   Tel: 804.358.4901  Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 10–5/Sunday 1–5 (galleries/shop only)

  1. #1 by Robin on November 30, 2010 - 4:07 pm

    This is a fabulous museum and so great that it’s free. The rockabilly exhibit is fun but only up for another week or so. But the permanent exhibits are the bee’s knees!

  2. #2 by Tim C on November 30, 2010 - 9:24 pm

    You’re as cute in colonial garb as in puritan garb.

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