Got A Good Thing Going

(Some of) What I’m thankful for today:

We slept 11+ hours for the 3rd night this week, which our sick (and/or fighting sick) bodies desperately needed.

We finished painting the front room, and it looks mAAAAAAArvelous!

I finally settled on a great arrangement of our new (to us) furniture.

We love our new (to us) furniture.

The bulletins are printed, folded, and ready to go.

I can totally stomach solid foods.

63 degrees and sunny.

All the windows open.

Apple cider.

Tim and I both have our respective lessons (T: Sunday School, me: Science) planned.

We’re about to eat ice cream.

He promised to help me with the dishes.

I broke out my hoodie (you know, so I can comfortably eat ice cream…).

The house is a wreck, but it’s ours, and we love it.

Tim didn’t have to go into work (I won’t say he didn’t work today, though, because he worked alot–around here!).

A yummy (crock) pot roast + potato + carrot supper.

The tree that blocks the view out of our front window is a bright, flaming yellow.

I can hear the squirrels playing in the crunchy leaves in our back yard (through all the open windows).

It’s dark outside, and getting cooler, but we have warmth and light (in so many more ways than just one!).

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