Another Dimension

Even though I know my camera is broken, I just have to keep trying to record major life events, which yesterday included me valiantly battling a stomach virus and Tim gallantly painting the front room alone.  (Oh, the best laid plans…)  

In my head, I am already envisioning my forthcoming post: Reason #1584 Why I Love My Husband. 

{insert photo of couch + blanket + 3 pillows}
 …while I’m curled in the fetal position here…

{insert photo of Tim with brush in hand}
…he’s hard at work here (in between bringing me juice, playing me music, holding my hand, and murmuring sympathetically, of course)

Buuuuut of the seven photo options I just downloaded, approximately none of them measure up to what I had in mind.  (Oh, the best laid plans…)

So instead, today I am going to prove to you that my husband is full of the Spirit (which is yet another reason why I love him so much).  It’s not often that you can capture moments like this on film.  In fact, it’s not often that you can even observe them with the naked eye.  I believe the fact that I did both is a testimony to just how spiritual Tim really is.  Obviously, he wasn’t expecting me to round the corner when I did and thus hadn’t quite finished re-entering the dimension of our world when I snapped this shot:


When I asked him where he’d been, he just kind of looked at me funny.  I guess that sort of thing is kind of off the record, and he probably had to swear some sort of confidentiality oath.  But I am his wife.  And I was just curious!

Oh, well.  Until next time (or until I can weasel more details out of him), I remain your ever mysticfied,


P.S. I’m feeling MUCH better this morning, thank-you very much.

P.P.S. Disclaimer: I employed a bit of artistic license after about the first sentence of the paragraph above the picture to the part where I sign my name, which means that particular section might not be truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  I hope you realized this.  Thank-you very much.

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