Merry Christmas! Have a magazine.

I just purchased 2 of the 1,400,329.5 gifts I need to navigate the upcoming holiday season, and I got a pretty good deal on some pretty great stuff, and I’m nice like that, so I’m gonna share:

A company called Eversave (very similar to Groupon) is offering a $26 coupon voucher to bluedolphin-magazines for only $12 through tomorrow morning.  You can buy up to 5 vouchers, but the catch is you can only use one voucher per purchase (so, for instance, you can’t use 2 vouchers to get a $50 subscription for $24, but you can use 1 to get it for $36).

They also offer a $5 credit to first-time users (that would be me) if you sign up to receive daily deal alerts by e-mail (I signed up for the city nearest me, since there isn’t one in my exact area).

Using this program, I got $70 worth of magazines for $55 dollars.  Not bad, if you consider the specific magazines I purchased (and the specific people I purchased them for):

WORLD magazine: a biweekly news/culture magazine from a Christian perspective that Tim and I both appreciate.  It contains news articles, political analyses, culture commentary, book/music/movie reviews, and (often very) thoughtful columns on current issues, all of which we usually find quite apt.  A subscription usually costs $49.95.  With 1 coupon voucher ($12–>$26) + my $5 credit, I was able to purchase a year’s subscription for $31.  That’s an $18.95 savings!  We could add this to our current subscription, thus extending its life AND/OR we could give this as a gift to one of our brother-in-laws for his birthday in a couple of weeks.

ALL YOU magazine: I started getting this last May solely for the coupons it contains (some grocery items and cosmetics), but I’ve surprised myself by really enjoying the content, too.  I’ve discovered some great recipes, tried a few of their workouts, and solved all their crossword puzzles.  Through Eversave, I was able to get a 1 year subscription (normally $20) for $12–which works out to exactly $1/magazine.  I’m pretty sure I usually save about that much (sometimes more) in coupons from each issue, so I can basically subscribe for free.  Pretty sweet!  Again, this can be added to a current subscription, thus extending its life, AND/OR I could give this as a gift to a sister-in-law who had a birthday a couple weeks ago. 

BlueDolphin-Magazines has thousands of other subscriptions available; these were just the two that met my needs.  If you’d like to take advantage of this deal for some Christmas shopping of your own, you can google Eversave-Pittsburgh OR use this link.  (If you use this link, I’ll benefit from your purchase.  If that makes you uncomfortable, go for google.)  The deal expires tomorrow morning, so don’t procrastinate too long!

(**Disclaimer: I have to wait 2 days to receive my vouchers.  I ordered them this morning, so I won’t get them until Saturday.  That means I don’t know for sure how they work; but I’m pretty confident ((based on the reputation of the company and the number of other people who’ve also purchased this deal)) that they will.)

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