Introductions Are In Order

I know a few of you scroll through my blogroll every now and again, looking for some good reading material.  Let me (slowly) begin introducing you to what you might find:

Leah (of Just Plucking Daisies) introduced me to the blogging world.  She is always like 5 miles ahead of me in terms of…well…almost everything.  She (with the help of two fellow roommates and a multitude of mutual friends) spent all of the 3 years we overlapped in college attempting to catch me up to speed, and I’m eternally grateful.  Her tireless efforts on my behalf made me who I am today: she hooked me up with boot cut jeans, facebook, the color yellow, and my husband.  (I hooked her up with country music, so it was an even trade.)  I happily follow in her footsteps, as she is an amazing, inspiring sister in Christ.  Head on over to her place to read a sampling of my favorite of her posts here (wonder why?!), here, or here…and tell her I said howdy!

Tierney (of Free Indeed), on the other hand, is my newest blogging buddy.  I’ve only met her once, at my sister’s wedding.  But I feel almost like we are old friends…her blog is chock full of honesty, life, and Christ.  I sympathize with her struggles and admire her faith.  I think you’ll like her, too, especially if you start here or here.

As the self-labeled opposite of a political junkie, I need my brother-in-law Nathaniel (of Common Cents) to keep me straight.  He is a statistical genius, not to mention very insightful into the current political situation.  I’ll admit that some of his posts lose me, but most of the time I really appreciate what he shares!  (Oh, and don’t be afraid to disagree with him in the comments, either.  He doesn’t bite, and he likes a little friendly discussion.)

Sally (of Honey Run) and Andrew are family friends of my husband’s…and they have some of the cutest kids I’ve ever heard tell of (besides my parents’ children, of course).  She blogs about them each Tuesday–look for her T(iny)T(alk)T(uesday) posts–and I laugh every time.  She also has some great insights into faith, life, and parenting.  I find myself often learning from her wisdom!

I don’t know Amy (of Whole Mama) personally (thanks, Grace, for pointing me her direction!), but I love what she writes, like this or this piece.  She blogs about the messy mix that is faith and life.  I only wish she wrote more often!

Well, that’s only a few of many.  If you feel left out of the list, please don’t, because I promise to continue with the introductions another day…hopefully soon!

  1. #1 by Tierney on October 1, 2010 - 12:13 am

    Yer so sweet. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed snooping through your blog list a bit, and will have to do more of it as I have time, now that we’ve been formally introduced.

  2. #2 by Grace Nakamoto on October 5, 2010 - 9:49 am

    Check out It’s another of my favoites, but it’s so convicting, I can only handle it every couple of months. 🙂 Love you, girlfriend!

    • #3 by Cristy on October 5, 2010 - 10:06 am

      Cool! Thanks, Lady….

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