God of the Ages

I’m determined to convert to minimalism.

Therefore, the house is a flurry of piles: trash, shred, recycle, keep.

I don’t know why I kept what I did.  Receipts.  College information.  Bank statements.  Job Hazard Analysis.  Letters.  Newspapers.  Bits of my history.

The one I’m pondering at the moment:

A letter from the NMSC: “The scholarship is offered for your use at University of Oklahoma, which you reported to the NMSC as your choice.”  I’d forgotten how seriously I was considering other college options.  How anxious a time spent seeking God’s will.  How uncertain.  How many lists filled with pros and cons.  How much advice sought.  Thank you, God, for guidance.  I went to Grove City College instead, loved it, learned from it, made some precious friendships (including my husband’s), and never once wished I were anywhere else.  God is sovereign.  God knows what He’s doing.  God does what is best.  God gives good gifts.  I must remember this.  It is as true this morning as it was seven years ago.  Someday, I’ll look back at today and think, so glad God knew what He was doing.

(If you don’t know the hymn God of the Ages ((Margaret Clarkson…love her hymns!)), learn it.  It’s beautiful.  I didn’t know it until recently, but it’s become one  of my favorites.  We sang it at our wedding.)

  1. #1 by Diane Dykstra on September 8, 2010 - 1:23 pm

    I LOVE that song too!!! I know which one you are talking about I also LOVE LOVE LOVE….In Christ Alone….my cornerstone…..etc…..

    • #2 by Cristy on September 8, 2010 - 3:26 pm

      Oh, me too. I went to a Keith and Kristen Getty concert last year (he’s the one who wrote In Christ Alone). Have you ever listened to anything else by them? It’s all good…

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