Supper and Other Musings

I’ve been waffling back and forth over what to have for dinner.  It’s one of those who-knows-when-Tim-will-be-home days (the amazing dude always works really hard, but the last few weeks have been above and beyond, I tell you), which always makes supper a rather delicate meal.  Anything that can be overcooked is out, and all recipes that can be whipped up in a jif are majorly in.  Last night, I defrosted a container of chili and made burritos.  Huge hit.  Total time to the table: 10 minutes.  Note to self: stock up on frozen chili next February.  Further note to self: stock up on any sort of freezer meal, including all baked goods and multiple casseroles, all winter long.  You know, when it feels good to run the oven?  I have some ham to use up: I was thinking scrambled eggs or frittata or who knows what until I suddenly remembered my handy dandy, save the day twice baked potato secret.  It’s been a staple since our honeymoon.  Definitely just the ticket for tonight, since it involves microwaving 2 potatoes for 6 minutes, scooping out the innards, mashing them with frozen veggies (broccoli, spinach) and meat (ham, chicken) and some liquid (milk, yogurt, sour cream, dressing) and spices (pepper, garlic), microwaving the mixture for 3 minutes, stuffing it back in the potato skins, topping with cheese, and finishing off with another 2 minutes in the microwave.  Total time to the table: 15 minutes.  JustwhatIneed.

Finishing a good book is a little like losing a friend.  It’s sad.

God provides for His children.  I read about it in the account of Noah and the Flood.  I read about it in Ezra as the people rebuild the temple despite many obstacles.  I read about it in Acts and the account of the early church.  I’ve seen it happen in my own lifetime and even in my own life.  I know it’s true.  I know  it.  So why doesn’t Aunt Chris have a job?  Please, God, provide for her.

Such a long, quiet day!  I’ve spent it reading, working at the computer, answering student/parent e-mails, and doing house chores.  And thinking about Tim and missing him and hoping his day is going well.

One of my college roommates is coming in with her husband for the weekend.  I’m looking forward to it so much.  I haven’t seen her since just before last Christmas, and then only for such a brief 45 minutes.  She is one of the most refreshing women I know.  She’s so bluntly honest about everything.

I would love to write a children’s book.  LOVE to.  Someday.

I wonder if we’ll get rain from the hurricane.

I’ve been drinking 64+ oz of water/fluid daily for three whole days.  I am a terrible water drinker, so this is huge for me.  I feel so good about it.

I want to try to make this homemade pasta really soon.  It looks so easy!  And so oven-less!!

I meant to start a pot o yogurt this afternoon and I forgot.  Now it’s too late.  I had the same intention yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow?

Tim just called to say he’s on his way home.  He was at a power plant today near Farmville, so that puts him home about 7:30.  As my grandma always used to say, it could be worse. 

I’ve been keeping up with the dishes all week!  This another area of struggle for me, and another thing I feel good about.  For most of our marriage, I’ve been letting the evening ones go until morning so I’m not wasting our together time in the kitchen.  But I’ve started finishing them up while Tim reads (politics just doesn’t interest me in the same way it does him) and it makes for a much better deal all the way around: Tim gets to pursue his hobby in peace and I wake up to a clean kitchen.  Makes my mornings so much less guilt-ridden without that huge pile awaiting me.

Well, still have a few things to do before the Man arrives.  So I guess I’ll get to them.








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