Not the Hilton with a way better view

Setting up camp is a harmless term for mass frayed nerves chaos.  But thanks to the vast camping experience housed in our parents, we survived it without too much lasting trauma.  


Step 1: Build a fire.  (Actually, Tim and Phil built the fire.  Got to give credit where credit is due.) 


Step 2: Get dinner on.  (Mom made some delicious hobo packets with teryaki chicken, garden veggies, and cheese.  Then she stuck ’em in the fire.  Then we set up the rest of camp while they cooked.  Then we ate ’em gone.) 


Step 3: Build a shelter.  (Rain is every camper’s worst enemy except for bears.  Dad used a tarp and four trees to construct a kitchen, which could double in a pinch as a big umbrella.) 


Step 4: Pick a tent site.  Or four.  (Stop squinting, since this is just a picture, and notice the nice, flat, soft grassy area behind this stump.  Perfect.) 

Step 5: Put up the tent.  Or four.  (This is rarely a one man job, particularly if your tent could hold its own at a circus.) 

Step 6: Add a tarp in case of rain.  (I am happy to announce that it only rained once, and that was overnight.  Thankfully, almost everything stayed dry.) 

Step 7: Add an air mattress.  (Everyone got a queen except Laura and Phil.  They had to share this double.  Definitely required some squishing.  I’m sure they hated every minute of it.) 

Step 8: Unpack everything else.  (You know you’re part of the family when you get a McDonald’s cup with your name on it.) 

Step 9: Eat.  Enjoy the campfire.  Feed the campfire.  Sing around the campfire.  Take a walk.  Eat some more. 

Dad and Mom


Tim and me


Laura and Phil


Ben and Maria




Step 10: Enjoy the stay.

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