Setting the Scene

We Colorado people can be kind of snooty about mountains. 

And we have a right to be–after all, we practically own the Rockies, and they’re kind of hard to top.  Literally.

(Do you think gold miners ever stopped to enjoy the view?) 

Not to mention the monopoly Colorado has on curvy roads.

Imagine my shock and chagrin this past week (no, actually, it was more like surprise and delight) when the trusty old Blue Ridge pulled through on both accounts.

I honestly have to say that the stretch of Highway 250 that runs through Highland County, VA is hands down the curviest road I have ever had the *cough* privilege of traveling. 

My stomach was beside itself.  Literally.  Almost.

It’s also one of the prettiest.

My Colorado pride has been moderately humbled, and one less obstacle stands in the way of perfect unity between Tim and me: I can agree without a drop of condensation (or condescension, either) that Virginia is gorgeous.

 What a spectacular place to spend 5 days searching for the perfect tree behind which to pee.

Oh, camping.

I love you.



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