My sister (and brother-in-law) come today!  We pick them up in D.C. at midnight.  At least this way we’ll avoid traffic (I hope…).  I can’t wait to see them.  They’re flying in for the first ever my-side-of-the-family reunion…finally, a chance to get us all together that doesn’t include a wedding (all three of us were married in the space of less than a year starting just over a year ago).  We’re going tent camping, and the forecast is calling for rain.  Fun stuff!  Like I said, I can’t wait.  The house is mostly cleaned, I made cookies, granola, and yogurt yesterday, and I’m about half-packed.  Today I have to mop the floors and finish packing.

Another visitor today: a friend from the church I grew up in and his grad-school roommate are passing through Richmond on their way back to MIT in Boston–right around lunchtime.  So I made extra chicken lady heads (recipe coming soon) last night, and I’ll bake ’em up just before they arrive. 

Speaking of my sister and this particular friend from church, let me tell you about what ornery kids we were.  I told Tim this story this morning at breakfast.  One time many, MANY years ago, we dressed him and my brother in matching pink dresses and paraded them out for my parents to see.  We had one wig we’d gotten at a garage sale (short, brown, curly hair), and they took turns wearing it.  They made SUCH cute girls!!  …until an elder from church just happened to pop in for a surprise visit.  The look on his face as he looked through the window at our little fashion show!  Of course, I’m sure he wasn’t nearly as appalled as Laura and I were (not to mention Matt and Ben) at being caught red (or pink) handed.

Isn’t it amazing we’re still friends?

My mom has a picture of this somewhere; someday I’m going to dig it out and send it to Matt’s mom.  She can save it for his wedding slideshow.

Now, Matt and Ben both are bigger and stronger than me, so no need to worry that there will be any repeat incidents.

I had the weirdest dream last night where I got chewed out in the middle of a hymn sing by exactly all of the people in our church because I couldn’t play the hymn they wanted and ran to the nursery (where Tim was waiting to comfort me?) crying.  It was so humiliating.  The people in our church are about the nicest on earth.  Don’t think I have to worry too much about that in reality.

It feels so good to have a clean house.  I need to have company more often.

It rained all night, and the temperature is so mild and pleasant.

I have wild morning glories (purple) blooming in my front garden, and some blue ones on the side.

We got a new mailbox.

Our carpet is laid!  And….it makes the den looks very bland.  Cream, cream, and more cream.  But it’s going to look GREAT when we move in some furniture (maybe the MIT airforce guys could do that for me in exchange for lunch…).  I hung a few pictures on the walls, and that helped quite much.

Speaking of boys in dresses, we subjected my brother to this torture on at least one other occasion (Matt, you were lucky you weren’t around that day), took him over to the neighbors, and introduced him as our cousin Melissa.  He was so believable right down to the lacy socks and pink shoes we scrunched his feet into… until he escaped our clutches and lost his wig on the run.

I’m so glad he turned out normal.

Tim is at work right now thanking God that he didn’t have any sisters.

And praying that we have all boys. 

But I really hope we have some girls, too.

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