Free Organix Hair Care Products

I like organic products, but they can be expensive!  So I was delighted to find this deal.  Here’s the story, plus instructions on how you, too, can get in on this…read quickly, and then RUN to your nearest RiteAid!

I popped in RiteAid this morning planning to pick up Pantene Nature Essentials (which are a good deal at 2 for $4, plus I had a $1.50 coupon, making them $1.25 each–not bad for my favorite hair product) and a box of Complete Eye Care contact lens solution (as advertised in the sales flyer, it was free after the rebate).  I had $5 in store cash (up rewards) to use by Saturday.

Guess what I found instead?!

Next to the Pantene products was a tab that caught my eye: Try Organix FREE.  It was a rebate form on a 13 fl. oz. bottle of cucumber yogurt Organix shampoo for a full refund of the purchase price up to $6.99.  Well, RiteAid is having a buy one, get one free sale on Organix products this week!  PLUS, they had several bottles of the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner that were 26 fl. oz. each!  So I grabbed the rebate form, picked out my two (huge) bottles of organic shampoo and conditioner, grabbed some contact lens solution, returned my Pantene products to the shelf (I don’t go through THAT much shampoo!), and checked out using my store rewards!  Now granted, I did have to pay some up front, but I’ll get more than I paid back in my rebate checks later this month.

Here’s how to get this deal:

Take a rebate form from around the top of any Organix hair care product (make sure you check towards the back!  I hope you can find one!!  If you can’t find any at RiteAid, try looking at another store that carries Organix.  Just make sure to USE the rebate at RiteAid to get the BOGO deal).

Purchase two Organix products of your choice + 1 AMO Complete multipurpose solution (there were at least 4 varieties of the Organix hair care products–coconut, cucumber, passion fruit, and teatree mint.  Make sure you get the 26 oz bottles if you can; there might also be some 13 oz bottles on the shelf).  

Use (or sign up for) your RiteAid card at checkout along with any coupons you might have.

For the RiteAid rebate: Save your receipt!  You can enter the information online at .

For the Organix rebate: mail the completed rebate form + your receipt (with the purchase price circled) within 30 days of purchase (of course, I recommend doing it immediately because otherwise it *might* not get done!).

Enjoy your next shower!!

All told, I spend $0.00 and saved $23.99!

UPDATE 9/21/10: I received my rebate check from Organix yesterday!


  1. #1 by Diane Dykstra on August 21, 2010 - 11:10 pm

    I LOVE that stuff I actually get mine at WalMart it works great and smells oh so delicious!!

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