Girl Day + some boys

Every 8 months or so, my college roommates start scheming up a little reunion. 

We’ve scattered in the three years since our suite days…G is in D.C., J is in P’gh, L is this very minute moving from Phila to Cinci.  And I’m in Richmond.  I miss those old days so much sometimes.  I remember all the goods and conveniently forget the bads (in fact, I do that for just about any past stage of life)–which makes those four college years seem pretty awfully amazing.  And they were, bads included.  We were so close back then.  We had such close, deep friendships.  We couldn’t help it–we spent so much time together doing so many different things…eating, talking, studying, walking, laughing, reading, listening, praying, worshiping, singing, plotting, pranking, and loving.  I remember promising myself that we would be the unique friends that kept up their deep, intimate friendships after college.  We would always be this close, able to pick right up where we left off. 

But our relationships have changed.  I haven’t kept up with any of my college friends like I meant to.  Not even close.  Plus, we’ve all dealt with some really tough things in the last few years, and we’ve changed–grown–as people.  We’ve added a few husbands to the mix.  We’re all walking different paths.  And our friendship hasn’t grown up along with us as much as I wish it had…it just couldn’t.  We’ve lost the day-to-day details and interactions that made up so much of the intimacy we shared.

But I’m still so thankful that we can pick back up.  It may not be where we left off…and sometimes it’s actually better when it’s not.  We aren’t the same four girls that drove 45 minutes just for hot Krispy Kreme donuts.  It’s hard sometimes to pretend to be.  But we are still the same four girls that love Jesus, love each other, and need both.  So here’s a few glimpses of the day we were able to spend together last week…along with a heart of thankfulness for God’s gift of friendship!

We stayed at J’s new old house.  I can’t believe she let us come, since they just bought it and are still in the middle of fixing it up.  But I’m so glad she did!  It was so fun to see what they are into and where they are living these days.  And she inspired me to go home and finish off some of the projects we’ve just been letting slide.  That girl (and her handyman hubbie) get things done! 

 She took us on a ride in her car.

Did I mention it was a convertible?

And it was a really, really nice day?

And G offered me a dollar to move the car while J ran in to the post office to mail her city taxes?

And L thought it was a great idea, so I did?

And this is J coming out of the post office at a run because I backed her spanking nice convertible into a telephone pole and totaled its hiney?

And I lied about hitting the phone pole, so this picture is really just J coming out of the post office and realizing her car is not where she left it, but over parked safely in a far back corner?

She forgave us.  And I got my $1. And life was good.

 But then we went miniature golfing, and G ran short on cash, so I had to pay her back plus fitty cent interest.  What a moocher.  (I can say that, because I am the Queen of Moochers and I have mooched off of her and her family with great success above and beyond fitty cent for going on 7 years now.)

But I forgave her.  And lost at mini golf.  Twice.  (And lost at wii boxing.  And wii bowling.  And wii ski jump.  And wii hula.  And wii tennis.  And wii golf.  And wii obstacle course.)  But still had fun.  (Mostly.  Except when I lost at wii bowling.  And wii golf.  And wii obstacle course.) 

The boys had fun, too.

And they creamed us at golf.  But not at cooking breakfast, so there.

We went out for an early dinner at a Japanese Hibachi grill.  I highly recommend it, even though it isn’t cheap.  It’s almost like dinner theatre meets cooking channel, because you get to watch a Japanese guy do cool tricks while he cooks your food in the middle of your table.

Plus he throws food at you (whether you want him to or not) and squirts Saki into your mouth (if you want him to).

I can’t remember if the above photo was after he threw zucchini at G (who was supposed to catch it in her mouth, but instead got teryaki all over her eyebrow) or squirted Saki at R (who, with his mouth full, couldn’t really say ‘stop’.)

The food was delicious, too.

Then we went back to J’s where the boys abandoned us to our own devices (it was nice), so we just talked and ate MMs and sat ate cookies and humiliated ourselves on the Wii.   

The end.

And I’m already looking ahead 8 months to next time.

See you then! 

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