Monday Musings

I am determined that this week will be a better than last week.  To that end, I went back to bed after Tim left this morning and slept for an extra hour.  Then I read some, weeded part of the front flower bed, checked the garden (it’s not looking so good, even with the rain we’ve started getting), organized my coupons, went to the grocery store, bought myself mint oreos (that wasn’t the only thing I bought, but by far the most important), took out a half loaf of banana bread from the freezer, ate some (I’m hungry-hungry…I skipped a meal on Saturday and apparently am making up for it yesterday and today), talked to Tim, wrote a blog post, and now I’m about to go have lunch.  So far a fairly promising start.  We’ll see what the afternoon brings.  I have some painting to do (always…always more painting…the den, the hall, the bathroom, an upstairs bedroom), I need to clean the kitchen (and the living room, and the bedroom, and the bathroom…), I need to make granola and yogurt and bread  (I better do that before I clean the kitchen), I need to do laundry, I need to get outside some more, I need to pick blackberries, I need to make juice out of the rest of the grapes, I need to…

Here’s a jumbled menu:

chicken (whole) in the crockpot (with olive oil and herb seasonings), sweet corn, broccoli slaw (2 meals)

pork chops in tomato sauce (another crockpot recipe), sweet corn, cucumber salad (2 meals)

spaghetti (1 meal)

Tim said he’d take me out (1 meal)

Now to figure out which one of these to pick for tonight.  We have a few people we want to invite over for dinner, too, so we need to talk about when to do that.  It’s fun to have full evenings, but it can be hard, too–especially during the week.  It means either we don’t spend much time together or we don’t get enough sleep or both. 

Next week, we’ll be in Pittsburgh.  Tim’s work is sending him to a conference there.  I’m looking forward to it…I’ve got family and college friends in the area still.  Fun stuff.

Okay, better go get lunch.

Mint oreos are my favorite food ever.  

 Too bad Tim made me promise not to eat them all before he gets home tonight.

  1. #1 by Grace on July 20, 2010 - 7:04 pm

    are they double stuff mint oreos??

  2. #2 by Anna C on July 20, 2010 - 7:16 pm

    I saw mint oreos at Wal-mart today and thought of you. I resisted temptation…this time.

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