Tuesday Jumble

I’m back!  I kept checking this weekend to see if I’d somehow magically posted anything new.  Nope.  Guess it doesn’t work that way. 

 Whew, it was a busy week.  But a great one.  We had Company with a capital C (that means lots).  We cooked, cleaned, talked, toured battlefields, caught a movie at this amazing historic landmark theater in Richmond (1.99 a ticket–it’s the best), watched some fireworks, tried McDonalds’ new fruit smoothie (wildberry is good), ate lots of ice cream (what can I say, Breyers was on sale for 1.97 a carton last week…I bought 8), ate lots of other food (I still feel full), picked blackberries (that’s on the list to do again tonight), laughed, spent some quality time with Biscuit (our cute little nephew ((I mean, N and A’s cute little dog))), ran errands (Tim ordered a hitch to install on our 98 Camry!!  Next on the list: a light little trailer to tug along behind it), replaced our mailbox (one of the screws fell out of the door), watered the garden (okay, people, it’s 103 today, supposed to be hotter tomorrow, and no rain in sight.  I think my garden is done for.  BUT I picked my first tomato today!!), enjoyed some really nice weather (thankfully, thankfully it did cool off a bit for most of last week), listened to a live rendition of Larry Norman’s 70’s hits (thank you Uncle Ken), landed smack in the middle of a Mac vs. Windows war (we attempted the Switzerland approach), unclogged our bathtub drain (okay, so with great company also comes great responsibility which our plumbing is not yet able to handle), ran the dishwasher like a bajzillion times (I think I need more dishes), and slept like a log every night.  Told you it was a great week.  Although, I have to admit that I Completely Crashed (capital Cs) yesterday.  And I am enjoying the quiet today. 

How was your Independence Day week?

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