I think you have the wrong number…

Hello, this is Cristy.


Wonder Woman?

Ummm, actually, I don’t.  I haven’t seen her since yesterday.

No, I don’t know where she went.

Yah, well, join the club.  I need her, too. 


Naaaahh….I just eat chocolate chip cookies she baked last time she was here.  And watch old TV reruns on my computer all day long.  And shop for my sister’s wedding present.

Oh, thanks, well, actually the wedding was about a year ago. 

No, no I still haven’t gotten them their gift. 

No, haven’t finished those either.

Nope, haven’t gotten that done.

No, no, don’t think I got to that yet today.

Well, nice talking to you, too.  Hey, call me back with WW’s number if you track her down.  Or just tell her I need her.  And that I’ll be watching DOC reruns. 

You, too.


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