It is hot, hot, hot today.  Heat index of 99 still at 5pm.  Here’s one cool thing, though: the ‘weather station’ for our zipcode is located two doors down from us, so I figure it’s pretty accurate!

Tonight, Tim and I are going on a date!  To the landfill.  We had one minor calamity from all our travels (it could have been worse!): we forgot to bring our trash to the dump before we left.  BUT we did remember to stick it in the trunk of our Toyota Camry!  Which was parked out in the hot sun.  For three weeks.  While we were gone.  When I say forget, I mean completely, utterly, totally forgot.  Like so forgot that Tim drove the car to work every day last week.  And came home every night reeking.  And frustrated.  And determined to give the car a good vacuuming.  My helpful idea: maybe a bird somehow got trapped under the hood while we were gone.  Neither of us thought to even check the trunk….until Tim and I trade cars so he won’t have to deal with the stench.  And I toot on over to the grocery store.  The very grocery store where the nice paper-or-plastic people take your cart full of groceries out to the car for you (it’s a Richmond thing).  I open the trunk awkwardly with my key (there was a cobweb over the keyhole, eeewww), and there they were: two bulging black plastic masses of hot, rotting trash.  The bagger has two bags in hand already, and is moving in for the trunk deposit.  I stammer something about forgetting how full my trunk was (ha.ha.) and slammed the lid back shut.  Bagger looks momentarily confused as I rush to open the back seat (of course, it was locked)  ((I don’t usually leave my doors locked, because I don’t have keyless entry and I don’t keep any valuables in my car))  (((except, apparently, rotten trash))).  Well, at least we aren’t responsible for a dead bird.

I’m trying to study through a book on evangelism and a book on prayer.  Both are good.  Both are much needed in my life.  I’d much rather write my blog than read either one.

Better go finish supper.

Talk to you later!

  1. #1 by Miriam on June 23, 2010 - 11:17 am

    I just found your blog yesterday when I was looking through my “followers” on my blog. Oh my, this is hilarious!!! I can’t imagine the stink, and then the whole grocery store thing!!! I hope nothing oozed out of the bags, that would be awful! Hopefully once all the trash is gone, several days of leaving the trunk and doors open will air it out nicely.

    • #2 by Cristy on June 23, 2010 - 1:11 pm

      Thanks, Miriam! I love your blog.

      Yes, we laughed about it…AFTER we’d dropped off the trash! I sprayed the trunk down with a cleaner this morning before Tim left for work; we’ll see what he has to report tonight!

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