The Death Blow

I sometimes (okay, more than sometimes) feel like such a stupid reader.  I miss so much.  I read too fast.  I’m thinking about other things.  I’m tired.  I’m…a stupid reader.

Like: I have  read Psalm 9 at least 3 times in the last two weeks, and only today did I stumble across this:

“Oh enemy, destructions are finished forever!”

(It’s there in verse 6.  Double check me.  Please?)

It hit me like a two edged sword–one that I’ve apparently parried several times recently.  (In case you were wondering, parrying the sword of the Spirit is never a smart move on the part of the warrior ((who, in case you were wondering, is me)).) 

Has it hit you yet?

Oh enemy, destructions are finished forever!

I can picture several tones of voice in which David might have said this.

One is a triumphant shout of victory after a long, hard, excruciating battle.  OH, ENEMY!  DESTRUCTIONS ARE FINISHED FOREVER!!!!  It gives me chills, in a good way.  Like Braveheart yelling “FREEDOM!!” only about 77 times better, because here it is not only fought for, but achieved!

Another is sort of an off hand, casual, smug sort of approach: Oh, Satan, by the way, did you get the memo?  You’re like permanent TOAST.  I love that one, too.  So juicily fatal, and that ol’ devil didn’t even see it coming.  Love, love, love it.

And then there’s the taunting jeer.  Oooooh, Enemyyyyy!  Guuuueeeess whaaaat?!  God just totally smushed your guuuuuts….

I’m sure there are more, and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy thinking them tonight as I fall asleep.  

I mean REALLY enjoy it.

You see, I have an enemy, too, and I fight with him every day.  All day long.  Oh, and about every night minus the ‘about’.  But I don’t fight him very well, because I try to do it by myself.  I forget what David remembers: that Jesus fought him, too, and won! 

So next time he shows up for battle, I won’t be going in alone and unarmed.  Oh, Satan, I’ll say.  It’s you again.  Look, I know you think you can win this one.  Well…you can’t.  I know you think that’s funny because you seem to have the upper hand.  Well, it won’t last long.  You thought you could win with Jesus, too, remember?  Remember when you seemed to have the upper hand?  Remember what happened?  I do.   He demolished you.  Oh enemy, your destructions are finished forever!!

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