Today, I:

  • read Psalm 12
  • decapitated 12 pounds of strawberries
  • prayed for Tim and our parents
  • spent $33 at the grocery store
  • saved $53 at the grocery store (!!)
  • bought Tim all the makings of a really special supper.  Now I just have to schedule it.  I love surprising him with a really nice meal and a really little dress every so often when he comes home from work…
  • talked to my sister
  • talked to my mom
  • emailed Tim’s parents
  • made one batch of low sugar strawberry jam
  • canned it
  • listened to it pop.  and pop.  and pop!!  (LOVE the sound of jars sealing)
  • cleaned up the kitchen
  • ate chocolate
  • changed my iGoogle theme
  • collapsed

Overall, a very productive day for me!  I was getting proud of myself until I realized that my mom did this and more every day of my life that I can remember.  With one hand tied behind her back.  And three kids.

Oh, boy.

I’m not even going to think about all that I didn’t get done…

…or three kids…

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