All in the Name

This morning, I read Psalm 8.  It’s one of the few I have memorized from a long-past summer Bible Memorization project–there have been many, and all shortlived.  This particular scheme involved a typewriter, a flower stencil book, and markers.  Hey, back then, adorning the Scriptures was art, not heresy. 

Anyway, I wish I’d carried through even just one of my memorization schemes.  I realized yet again this morning how helpful it is to have God’s words at ready disposal in my mind, free from the printed page.

I was struck by the first verse: “Oh, Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your Name in all the earth.”  What a thought!  What paths to tread: His Name is excellent IN all the earth–everywhere, in everything, He is revealed.  “When I consider the heavens…”, ” God saw all that He had made, and it was very good…”, “for since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen…”  Why study science?  Here is your answer.  Need a worldview?  Here’s a great one–the best one–the only right one.  God’s Name is excellent in all the earth.  In people, in creation, in events, in circumstances, in history, in ideas–see Him, His purpose, His plan, His Name!

A second path: not only is God’s Name excellent IN all the earth, but in all the earth, the only thing that is really truly surpassingly excellent is God’s Name.  In all the earth, nothing compares to it.  Nothing.  Nothing.  NOTHING.  Do you realize what this means?  To me?  To my life?  To my priorities?  To my time and hobbies and interests?  To my relationships?  To my marriage?  Nothing is as excellent as the Name of the Lord.  His Character.  His Being.  His Truth.  His Christ.  Let’s see…I made a list this morning of a few of the things that are not more excellent than the Lord, my Lord:

  1. Tim
  2. Sleep
  3. Being loved/accepted/approved by others
  4. Chocolate
  5. Feeling safe/secure/comfortable/familiar
  6. Facebook
  7. Movies/TVshows/wasting time surfing the internet
  8. Having my needs/wants met (emotional primarily, but also physical/mental)
  9. Anything/all things I enjoy
  10. Me 

Of course, it can, should, and will become a much longer list.  And more specific (I even went back just now and made myself narrow down a few of the broadest terms into ones that actually touch  Need to be humbled and convicted?  Make your own list.  Need to be encouraged to press on (or even just face the right direction)?  Consider the surpassing excellence of God’s Name.  Far above all the earth.  He is the head, that in ALL THINGS, He may have the preeminence.  As it is true of the earth, so let it also be true in my life…only by God’s grace.

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