Yet again, I uncover another aspect of my man-fearing character: blogging.  I want a blog that’s well-layed out, neatly themed, stunningly well written, widely read, and an all around instant smash hit.  I want to touch, inspire, minister to, inform, and influence.  Singlehandedly.  Overnight.  And until I hit on the perfect scheme for doing so–I won’t start to try.

Oh, brother.

At the risk of being sub-par, let me introduce doubleknotted to you in all its rough, pictureless, amateur glory.  Just like me.  I dream of the day when I have it all together.  My kitchen is clean, my living room furniture has a place, my marriage is perfect, my emotional rollercoaster has leveled out, my devotional life is consistent, I pray, I have forgiven, I love…and I am the author of a fabulously amazing and helpful blog.  But so far, that’s not my reality.  This is.

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